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TTB Association was established on 6th October, 2019 by active students in Trondheim, Norway. The organisation plans to coordinate and be involved in the sport projects to increase the youth's participation in the community and give them opportunities for pursuing healthy lifestyle, which is considered by our association as the undirect and alternative way to reach more people, inform them about Erasmus+ opportunities, and its values. 1. First and foremost, it is significant to increase the participation level in the sport projects, to enable the exchange of information in the related topic that are confirmed. 2. Encouraging the youth not only mentally, but also physically develop themselves so that they can build and maintain healthy lifestyle 3. To increase the motivation and the awareness of the youth to participate in the projects which will lead to environmental progress as well. 4. Another main objective of TTB association is ensure the preservation of human rights and the pursue of equality which both are the essential values to maintain the individual and social progress 5. Peace-building and conflict prevention will be the additionally beneficial results of the projects since the sport projects are based on developing peaceful, co operational and team-working skills of the participants