New world, New mindset, New start: let's explore through agropreneurship and agrotherapy

TtB Association is proud of continuing to share the successful and positive experiences of our three participants that travelled to Georgia to represent Norway during Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project between the dates of 3rd and 10th May, 2022.

It was one stage Training Course aiming to convey wisdom and knowledge of agriculture and entrepreneurship, known as agripreneurship (AE) in combination with agrotherapy and healthy food among youth workers.

The project was designed in a way to keep a balance between theory and practice - to make it as a chain of learning by doing the process. Participants were able to gain theoretical knowledge from the experts in the field and be involved in different activities with local farmers, entrepreneurs, and agripreneurs.

The project was coordinated by Joetz vzw and organized by Newton NGO. Within the project Theresia Margaretha and Sepideh Mariooryad are representing TtB Association, participated in several activities together with other youth from Georgia, France, Portugal, Belarus, Poland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Spain, and Belgium. During culture nights the participants made a culture exchange while presenting their countries. In the end the participants received YouthPass Certificates.

Some photos from the project are attached below:

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