"Get-up-and-go Generation" Youth Exchange

Prj. No: 2021-2-NO02-KA152-YOU-000038440

From 20 February to 01 March 2023, TtB Association proudly hosted the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project named "Get-up-and-go Generation" in Ørland, Norway. The event witnessed the participation of 36 enthusiastic individuals hailing from various countries. This venture was supported by multiple partner non-governmental organizations (NGOs) BITISI from Georgia, Sustainability in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Youth Group from Azerbaijan, ACPELIA from Cyprus, Mediterranean Forum For Social Development from Morocco, and INFINITY from Greece under the sponsorship of the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme and the Norwegian National Agency - "Erasmus+ Ungdom".

Dedicated to fostering the spirit of social entrepreneurship among youth, the project spanned nine productive days. These were meticulously planned with a balanced mix of workshops, team-building sessions, and practical activities. This combination not only boosted the participants' foundational knowledge about social entrepreneurship but also fine-tuned their teamwork and leadership capabilities.

Over the course of these sessions, attendees were introduced to vital tools of entrepreneurship, including the Business Model Canvas, SMART and SWOT analyses, and the intricacies of project management. Special emphasis was laid on nurturing the right mindset, overcoming fear of failure, and recognizing the invaluable potential of diversity.

As the project neared its conclusion, participants were tasked with initiating personal project ideas, which were aimed at fostering international collaborations. They were also encouraged to share their acquired knowledge with their local communities, thereby magnifying the impact of their learning. The completion of the project was marked with the distribution of the "YouthPass" certificates, endorsing their full participation and the skill set they acquired during their journey.

Supplementing the learning, attendees had the opportunity to explore Ørland, discovering its historical landmarks and attractions through organized group activities. Furthermore, cultural evenings were held, where teams represented their countries, sharing their unique music, dances, cuisines, and stories, thus enriching the overall experience for all.

In summation, the "Get-up-and-go Generation" project stands as a testament to the transformative power of international collaboration. It carved a space for young individuals to delve into the realm of social entrepreneurship, breaking barriers, sharing insights, and laying the groundwork for a brighter, more inclusive future. 

All the photos and videos from daily activities are shared on the Instagram page of the project: https://www.instagram.com/get_up_and_go_generation/